We thrives to protect, safeguard 
and secure your business 
against the escalating cyber threats 

Our product

Comprehensive risk assessment on Penetration Testing (PT)

Auditor of PT

HACFO is the No.1 leading provider of PT audition. As an independent reviewer, HACFO provides full control on every PT assessment in your organization.

Security Assurance

By recording all traffic between PT executor and your organization, we provide extra security and assurance on privacy and security vulnerability.


Intelligent Analyzation of PT traffic base on Artificial Intelligence (AI). And further in-depth analyzation is executed by our in-house security expert.


PenTest Auditor


HACFO Public Cloud Service

CloudUS$ 3,099 / 7 Days
  • Activated by online payment
  • Traffic encrypted by VPN
  • Automatic AI analysis report
  • The most economical third party audit service
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HACFO Private Cloud Service

Cloud+Customization Available
  • Dedicated networking service including IP and VPN
  • Offline delivery of traffic data to clients
  • Real-time automatic AI analysis dashboard
  • Real-time alert dashboard on critical risk
  • In-depth analyzation by security experts
  • Third party risk analysis report and comparison between PenTest and SOC report
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HACFO Professional Service

UltimateCustomization Available
  • Hardware purchased and installed in client's data center
  • Offline software / subscription update
  • Internet traffic provided by mirror port
  • Dedicated personnel and security expert service team
  • Real-time automatic AI analysis dashboard
  • On-site analyization performed by security expert team to avoid data leakage
  • Insensitive information handled by cloud analyzation
  • Third party risk analysis report and comparison between PenTest and SOC report
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KlickKlack Information Security (KKIS)

a member of KlickKlack Group, thrives to protect, safeguard and secure your business against the escalating cyber threats we are facing each day. On demand evaluation, annual check up or a customized support profile to accommodate at your request.

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